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Introducing Highland Creek's first ever subscription to an online database--Pebble Go! Pebble Go is a database for emerging readers (people learning to read) and is excellent for K-2, ELL, and EC students! Check out the cool articles and read along with your student! Some articles also offer video and sound bits from the real world. To get started, go to www.pebblego.com and use the following information:

User name: highlandcreekPassword: school

Our media center also has quite an extensive collection, including all of the following:

  • Over 11,000 books!
  • Class set of Chromebooks
  • 16 magazine subscriptions!
  • Encyclopedias!
  • Almanacs!
  • Dictionaries!
  • Thesauri!
  • North Carolina reference materials!
  • Over 500 curriculum related videos and DVDs!
  • CDs and cassette tapes for teacher use!
  • 9 computer stations with printers!
  • 2 Smart Boards!
  • 1 document camera!
  • and lots more!!

Is there something you wish we had in the media center? Send an email to tell us about it!

Mr. Green: richard.green@cms.k12.nc.us