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Parents - Read All About It! (courtesy of Chick-fil-A)
Motivate your family to read and have fun doing it.

* Make reading a choice, not a chore. Allow your children to choose books that interest them.

* Encourage your children to read books at their skill level so they don't get frustrated.

* Read books above their reading level together.

* Have your child start or join a book club.

* Create a notebook with all your child's favorite books and talk about why they are his or her favorites.

* Get a family library card or have your children get their own. They can learn responsibility as well.

* Show kids that books matter to you, too! Let your children see you reading the newspaper or a novel. They love to imitate.

* Give books as gifts. A book with a personal written inscription inside becomes more than a book, it becomes a treasure.

* Set aside some quiet time on a daily basis and read to your child, then have your child read to you.

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